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Come follow me for more great games and feedback. bring any of your projects by or updates and I would love to play them again.


The computer I am on is Win7 so it doesn't seem to work. Looks neat though! I might give it a try later on another computer.

That's odd, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it on my end. 

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Hey, nice work with this one. The music and aesthetics are completely on point! If you're looking for a bit of feedback the plain backgrounds made the screen feel a little sparse; and maybe more dynamic obstacles i.e. moving barriers could spice up the challenge of the stages. Nonetheless I love where you're coming from with the design of this came and love it! Good work on this and it's a great addition to the Music Game Jam. 


Hey, I really enjoyed the feeling of Outrunner 198X. Also having the cones placed on the guitar notes really added to that feeling! Maybe you could change the way the car collides with barriers and especially the edges of the road(I felt like I should be able to drive there). Maybe take the edge collision completely out, giving the player a little bit more freedom. I don't think this would make the game more difficult. Otherwise the visuals really fit in with the music! Great Job. :)


Hey, thanks for the feedback! That was pretty quick. I agree with your points about the edges and the range of motion, and I've added them to the list of improvements for this weekend. Thanks for playing and enjoy the rest of the entries.

Oh then i got to come back and play a second round after you updated it! Keep it up.