Aim Assist is a two player rail shooter where two players must cooperate in order to succeed. Outside of pausing, every action in the game must be taken simultaneously between the two players; everything from shooting to going into an out of cover has to be coordinated, or the action will fail.

Aim Assist supports keyboard and controller, so pick whichever one you are more comfortable with. The controller control scheme is intended to work with both players holding the controller at once, with player 1 holding the left side of the controller and player 2 holding the right side of the controller.


  • Keyboard
    • Player 1 aim: WASD
    • Player 1 shoot: spacebar
    • Player 1 enter/exit cover: left shift
    • Player 2 aim: arrow keys
    • Player 2 shoot: right control
    • Player 2 enter/exit cover: numpad 0
    • Pause: Escape
  • Controller
    • Player 1 aim: left analogue stick
    • Player 1 shoot: left trigger
    • Player 1 enter/exit cover: left bumper
    • Player 2 aim: right analogue stick
    • Player 2 shoot: right trigger
    • Player 2 enter/exit cover: right bumper
    • Pause: Select


Aim Assist was a collaborative effort with brnielsen, who, despite mother nature taking out his internet, was still able to help get this entry over the line and in on time. Please give him a follow and check out his page at this link.

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The game has potential due to the look of the UI and the game itself. Unfortunately, when I tried to play it, I didn't understand what I had to do, so I read the game description and learned the controls (although I didn't understand exactly what Left Shift does).

When opening the game, a screen appears with a timer and some targets (which I move with w,a,s,d), but unfortunately I didn't understand how to play this game.

Also, as long as the timer reaches zero, the game does not stop.